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Southern Rock Seafood, Bangsar

Located just a few steps away from the bustling commercial streets of Bangsar, Jalan Kemuja is a culinary haven. This charming street boasts a handful of restaurants, cafés, and bars, all of which make it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts. Our restaurant, Southern Rock Seafood, is among the esteemed establishments on this street.

We specialize in serving the freshest seafood, directly imported from fishermen around the world on a weekly basis. Southern Rock Seafood offers one of the finest seafood experiences in Kuala Lumpur, all within a comfortable and family-friendly shabby chic beach shack setting.

Our menu features simple recipes that allow the natural flavors of our products to shine, and we offer a well-thought-out wine selection to complement your dining experience. We are renowned for our legendary laksa mussels, fish & chips, grilled fish tasting board, and a daily selection of at least six different types of live oysters.

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